Sunday, 12 November 2017

Maybe, It's Me

The wonderful words that flow through my heart.
The vivid colours that sprawl through my art.
The rhythms from my guitar.
The light from my shining star.
It’s all because of you.
It’s all because of you.

The tangy red on my cheeks.
The profound treasures that I seek.
The illusory dreams that I chase,
like a Phoenix, shrouded in a misty lavender haze.
It’s all because of you.
It’s all because of you.

The wretched pain in my soul.
Like a struggling actor without a role.
Harrowing evil worms of desolation that crawl.
Through the lost bricks of my wall.
I feel so naked and betrayed.
But that’s okay, I’m already dead.

If I could hand over to you, everything that I had,
I would do it without going mad.
My passion begins with you.
My obsession ends with you.
Even the leaf has to let go, 
its beautiful pearl of dew.
Just to teach us, to live and let live.

And indeed, I’ve learnt to live again!
Jingling and dancing,
to the tunes of this fascinating game
Although, there's only a small change
You're missing from the picture frame.
I hope that you won’t mind,
I’ve bluntly disappeared & turned blind.
Forgive me dear, my envy makes me terribly unkind.

The poem’s ending and I’m running out of words.
For sometimes, the roses aren’t red.
And the the violets aren’t blue.
But my friend, it’s not because of you.
Perhaps, it’s me.
Maybe, it’s me…

Friday, 13 January 2017

Here We Lie

Here we lie, under the sun,
Wandering how we'll live, 
the rest of our lives.
Here we lie, under the tree,
As the leaves fall dry,  from the turquoise sky.
Here we lie, on the beach,
As the wet sand sinks beneath.
Here we lie in our sorrows,
covering our shattered heart with a sheath.


And while we lie, on the ground.
Time passes by, without a sound.
For on our backs, we lie everyday.
Gradually moving towards the grave, 
as our hair turns gray. 
It's not about the years, 
it's not about the deeds.
It's about your purpose,
it's about sowing the seeds.


And when you're gone someday,
the seeds will grow into a beautiful tree.
Where kids will gather underneath.
To lie down and gaze at the clouds,
floating in their tangerine evening gown.
And they'll all rejoice and breathe, 
in the reverie of your bequeath!

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Glittering sounds,
they all make you feel alive.
Sounds that revive you.
Music, poetry.
The voice of your love.


We're so inarticulate,
always running for that dime.
Can we hear our heartbeats?
Slowing down with time.
The shriek of disappearing youth,
amidst this moral mess.
The fear itself makes me go speechless.


There's this sound, that's stuck inside.
 Conscience, as they call it
It knows everything, whatever I do.
My sins, my virtues.
 I've never heard its noise.
It's so frail and feeble!
But when it speaks,
even in whispers,
it has the loudest voice.
The power to alter my imagination,
my perception.
My existence all together!


Silence has an abstract way of communication
It can build up nations!
it can even lead to destruction of generations!

Monday, 9 November 2015


Forevermore, I'll keep shining through your eyes.
You'll see me, twinkling in the radiance of these forlorn skies.
Forevermore, my dear.
You'll always fear the hell from heaven.
Like a burning scarecrow, terrifying the raven.

Forevermore, I'll shall be the one.
Until you won't see no sun.
You'll find me in my words,
like an oasis emerging from an arid desert.
Forevermore my dear. Forevermore.

You have no clue, how timeless are you?
Across the perimeter of this paradise, you shall find a stone.
Burnt from a flame of regret.
It's been lying there all alone.

Forevermore, the doors shall remain closed.
For you've lost the key.
Ask me anything and that's what I'll be.
Forevermore, there's nothing left to say.
Oh yes, this is eternity's end.
As we call it, the judgement day.
Forevermore, my dear.
Forevermore, until I say goodbye & go away.

Forevermore, I'll be waiting for your answer.
It's an unreal test of time,
A lemonade without a slice of lime.
Forevermore, my dear.
Until, you hear my whispering voice,
diminish gradually among this noise...

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Saturn Angel

Saturn rings, please me my dear.
Snowy white skin.
As she smiles, people lose their minds.
Orgasmic insanity.
The thrills of watching her socialize.
Brunette hair, gently falling over her shoulder.
Can you imagine this mystical goddess?


Tiny arms holding that giant cellphone.
She has the whole world in her hands.
Louis Vuitton seems too heavy for you, may I help you with that burden?


Glimmering black eyes, wipe out all your pain.
Blissful aura.
Isn't she just perfect?
Fashion sense has reached a new level.
She makes you feel so insignificant!
After all, angels have their own arrogance!


She has the ability to make words lose their meaning.
Fire has already lost its charm.
Are you even reading,
Or are you busy fantasizing?
Never mind.
Even the gods are jealous of her boon.
They've hid themselves behind the moon!


Crimson lipstick, of bleeding broken hearts!
Turquoise amulet, shines of crystalline light.
Where will you hide? Even her glance is an art!
Here & now, gone with the sea.
You see nothing but her face, in your sight.
So, would you mind trying?
Or just keep looking at her, crying?


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Say it.

Strum that six string, 
under the stars.
I know you've got a beautiful mind.
A fragile heart, cracked open wide.
Write your songs,
on this canvas of scars. 


Talking to yourself.
Floating somewhere far.
Pitch black tar,
within your brooding soul.
There's no coming back from this abyss.
You're failing every time you try.
Stuck between your love & desire.
No one has seen you cry.


You keep gazing mindlessly,
that void in your eyes.
Say something, 
I know you're broken inside. 
Just for a moment,
please let go off that insane device.
let's overcome this great divide.


Sometimes there's no one else,
for what we need.
I hope you understand.
You've lost everything you had.
Come on, speak up my friend.
Don't make them plead.
It really hurts,
to see you sad. 


You're elegant with your words,
show her what she means to you.
The queen of your world.
I know,
you still haven't given up.
It's about time,
enough is enough!
Say it, my friend.
You'll eventually die with your pain.
Say it, 
You won't feel that special thing again.
Say it, my friend.
Before you slip in your state of trance.
Say it,
for it's your last chance...


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Death Star.

Places in my head,
everywhere I go.
Never seem to know.
Delusions of an utopian paradise.
My sight paints a view.
The translucent window,
always breaks open to something new.


The truth isn't in your mind.
I've seen the rivers flowing through the caves.
And the ships floating above the waves.
A gentle voice, always comes from within.
The sound of your heart skipping a beat.
Asking you to grab your seat.


Maps leading to an unknown treasure.
The happiness about finding certain pleasure.
On your way to find the bud.
Everyone has ignored the sea of blood.
Black skies full of darkness & dope.
Angels scatter all over, 
spreading their divine light.
Tiny spots of glimmering hope.


The journey's been fine so far.
You've been strolling towards your star.
Reach and capture what you seek,
as your existence depends on it.
Keep digging my friend,
deep within that lie.
You'll feel high, oh so high!
But only until, 
you watch your star die...